Ministry & Business Plan

Mission Statement and Purpose

The Mission strives to support the community through various outreach projects, with an intense focus on helping those who are battling addictions and the loved one surrounding them, as well as young ladies who find themselves facing an unplanned or unsupported pregnancy. The Mission meets regularly to support and encourage anyone who is struggling. Whether facing recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction, unplanned pregnancy, divorce, death of a loved one, or just life's daily struggles, everyone is encouraged to join in fellowship, worship, and studying God's Word. Family members of those going through recovery are also welcomed, as well as anyone interested in involvement with the ministry and related outreach activities.


  1. Recovery Support Meetings

    The Mission meets regularly for meetings that are directly related to attaining and maintaining recovery from addiction and other debilitating habits.
  2. Spiritual Counseling

    Spiritual peer counseling is available. Referrals will be provided for referral to pastoral and/or clinical counseling as needed.
  3. Meal Provision

    A free meal is provided prior to weekly Mission Meetings, as well as some other group meetings. An emergency food supply is also kept on hand to be distributed according to need.
  4. Pregnancy Support

    The pregnancy ministry will provide a support system and supples (based upon availability and individual need) for women and girls who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and/or a pregnancy for which they feel unprepared. Referrals will be provided to other facilities and services as needed.
  5. Life Skills Training Classes

    Classes will be available for individuals looking to improve various life skills, possibly including, but not limited to: cooking/homemaking classes, basic computer training, tutoring for adult learners, literacy, smoking cessation, etc. Classes may change based on necessity and/or availability of instructors.
  6. Group Meetings

    Contracted volunteers will be present at The Mission for any outside group meetings (open or closed) that may take place in the facility, possibly including, but not limited to: AA, NA, Veteran Support, Survivors of Suicide, Al-Anon, GriefShare or other grief support, etc. Additional group meetings may be added based upon need.
  7. Temporary Emergency Shelter

    Short-term shelter may be provided based upon need, on a case-by-case basis. Shelter will primarily be used for temporary housing prior to an individual transitioning into a rehabilitation facility and/or group home situation.
  8. Provision of Clothing

    Clothing, household items, sanitary items, literature, etc., are distributed based upon availability and individual need.

Operations Plan

  1. Management and Organization

    All volunteer staff members working with The Mission in any capacity should agree to and sign the Ethical Standards of Employee and Volunteer Conduct.
  2. Facility Usage Plan

    Contracted volunteers will be present at The Mission for any activities that may take place in the facility.

Ethical Standards of Employee / Volunteer Conduct

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What are the pre and post care procedures

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Still have more questions?

Should you still have more questions or enquiries, feel free to give us a call on 01708 200 668 or email us at

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