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O'Neil Greene | Director

O'Neil has been with The Mission since its beginning in 2011. He is involved with every part of the ministry, including all outreach projects as well as singing, teaching, and leading small group sesssions during the weekly Mission Meetings. He is a member of Sneedville First Baptist Church, where he is one of the teachers of the Sunday School class at the Hancock Manor Nursing Home and serves in many other capacities as well. He is the Vice President of Windmill Way Men's Home, on the Board of Directors for Anglers for Christ Ministries and Smoky Mountain Outdoor Television, and has extensive experience and training with Celebrate Recovery Ministries. O'Neil has worked in the construction industry for 25+ years. He and his wife, Shaina, own and operate Greene Construction in Sneedville.

Shaina Greene | Ministry Coordinator

Shaina works to expand The Mission's ministries to encompass any facets that are needed in the Sneedville and Hancock County area. She received her Master's Degree in Human Services Counseling from Liberty University in the fall of 2019, and has a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from Tusculum University. She is a member of Sneedville First Baptist Church, where she serves as Assistant Sunday School Director, one of the teachers of the Sunday School class at Hancock Manor Nursing Home, and maintains the church website and other technology services. Shaina serves as the program director for the pregnancy ministry at The Mission and is on site several days a week to allow for walk-in services to be available for the public, as well as serving those who come in for appointments through the pregnancy ministry.

Diane Newberry | Office Manager

Diane recently came on staff at The Mission to serve as office manager and project coordinator for the various ministries provided. She attends Sneedville First Baptist Church and has been a dedicated volunteer at The Mission for several years. She is on site three days each week to serve those who come in for walk-in services or appointments with the pregnancy ministry.

Marcella Shockley | Treasurer

Marcella is the bookkeeper for the Hancock County Road Superintendent, which is a position held by her husband, Henry Shockley. She has extensive experience in banking, as she worked at First Century Bank in Sneedville until 2017.

Dr. Richard Hewitt | Board Chair

Bio coming soon!

Dr. John Short

Dr. Short is a family medicine doctor in Sneedville. He serves as the medical director for the Hancock County Hospital. He also serves as a Deacon and Sunday School teacher at Sneedville First Baptist Church, where he and his wife, Lena, are both involved with several committees and programs.

Craig Digmann

Brother Craig is a missioner through Glenmary Homes, a Catholic society with placements throughout the area. He focuses on ecumenism and has a great desire to help the community come together for the betterment of the people in the area. Brother Craig has initiated many different ministry opportunities in his time thus far in Sneedville, including visitation to the Hancock County Jail and a Greeter's program at the Hancock County Middle / High School.

Tim Fodor

Tim recently celebrated 10 years in recovery. He is a Middlesboro, KY, native who has lived in Sneedville for many years now. He has been a regular supporter of weekly Mission Meetings. He is a fabricator for Tri-State Machine / Republic Diesel in Harrogate.

Jennifer Greene

Jennifer has been the lead teacher for Adult Education in Hawkins and Hancock counties for several years. She also teaches 6th grade at Hancock County Middle School. Her husband, Rodney, works for the Department of Human Services and also serves as an adult education teacher for Hancock County.

Nathan Hopkins

Nathan is the welding instructor and bus driver for Hancock County High School. His wife, Stacey, is a nurse at the ETSU School-Based Health Clinic in Hancock County.

Mitch Horton

Mitch is the site director for the Frontier Mental Health Clinic in Sneedville. He is pursuing his Master's degree from Carson Newman University and subsequent credentialing as a Licensed Professional Counselor. He is also a correctional officer at the Hancock County Sheriff's Department. His wife, Sonia, also works at Frontier Mental Health Clinic as a Customer Service Representative.

Jack Metcalf

Jack is the leader of Sneedville First Baptist Church's men's jail ministry, local missions program, and visitation program. he is also a teacher of the Sunday School class at the Hancock Manor Nursing Home. His wife, Kathy, is also a teacher of that class, as well as the leader of the women's jail ministry.

Stephanie Shockley

Stephanie is the Health Educator for the ETSU School-Based Health Clinic in Hancock County. She also has experience working with the Kingswood Home for Children in Rutledge, and is currently employed part-time through Amedisys Home Health in Sneedville.

Ryan Martin

Bio coming soon!

Brad Brewer

Brad serves as the Sheriff of Hancock County. He has extensive experience as a deputy and detective in the county prior to being elected to the office in 2018. He has shown support for The Mission in allowing inmates to attend weekly Mission Meetings. Brad also owns Brad's Auto Repair & Sales in Sneedville.

Dustin Jessee

Bio coming soon!

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